Essential Extra Supplies for Your Home: A Guide to Warranty Items and Maintenance

When you purchase a new home, it’s important to have access to extra supplies for future warranty items and general maintenance. In this article, we will discuss the various leftover supplies that are often left in your home by the builders. These supplies can come in handy for addressing warranty issues, performing touch-ups, and ensuring proper maintenance. Let’s explore the different types of supplies and their significance.

LVP and Flooring Supplies Preserving the Integrity of Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP):

One of the supplies you may find in your home is leftover luxury vinyl plank (LVP). It’s crucial to store this on a flat surface to prevent warping. LVP is a durable flooring material, and having extra pieces allows for easy replacement in case of damage or wear over time. By keeping these leftovers, you can ensure consistent flooring throughout your home and address any future issues with ease.

Paint and Color Information Maintaining Consistency in Colors:

Another valuable supply you may come across is leftover paint. During the closing process, you will receive a color sheet that includes all the colors used in your home. It’s important to retain this information for future touch-ups or repainting projects. Additionally, Sherwin-Williams keeps a record of your paint colors, so if you ever need assistance, you can provide them with your address, and they will help you match the colors accurately. By keeping track of your paint colors, you can maintain a cohesive aesthetic and ensure seamless touch-ups in the future.

Tile and Grout Packaging Retaining Important Information:

When it comes to tile and grout, it’s essential to keep the original packaging. These packages often contain vital information such as product specifications, maintenance instructions, and warranty details. By retaining this packaging, you can refer to it when needed for cleaning instructions, repair guidance, or warranty claims. Proper maintenance of your tile and grout will prolong their lifespan and keep your home looking its best.

Supplies in Furnace Rooms and Closets Accessibility and Convenience:

For homeowners with slab homes, you may find additional supplies in your furnace room or closets. These supplies can include items such as filters, insulation, or other materials related to the HVAC system or general maintenance. Keeping these supplies readily available ensures that you can perform routine maintenance tasks efficiently and address any necessary repairs promptly.

Having extra supplies in your home is a valuable resource for warranty items and maintenance. By preserving leftover materials such as LVP, retaining paint color information, keeping tile and grout packaging, and organizing supplies in accessible locations, you can maintain the integrity and appearance of your home. These supplies provide convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to address future needs effectively and keep your home in top condition for years to come.

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